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Distinguished Teaching Professor and Chair
Department of Anatomical Sciences at Stony Brook University School of Medicine, NY, USA.

Research interests

Primate paleontology and human evolution.
Biomechanics and functional morphology (ecomorphology).
Morphometrics and scaling.

Considered among the best evolutionary morphologists in the world, Dr. Jungers has traveled to far corners of the globe investigating the function and structure of living and fossil primates. His research focuses on the evolution of human locomotion, body size, and biomechanical scaling, and vertebrate paleontology.

He is also part of an international team involved in the analysis of the “hobbit” fossils (Homo floresiensis) from Indonesia. The discovery of this prehistoric “hobbit” has been featured in recent documentaries on public television. The original discoverers of the fossil contacted Dr. Jungers and his colleague, Dr. Susan Larson, to help them understand the functional significance of the odd skeletons.

Research also continues in Madagascar. New species continue to be discovered and diagnosed, improved reconstructions of paleo-communities are now available, range extensions of living species have been documented, and life histories are being revealed along with dietary and positional preferences. Extinction of the giant lemurs is now seen as a slow, synergistic process implicating habitat destruction, hunting and climate change. Giant lemurs co-existed with the earliest human colonizers of Madagascar for well over a millenium.

Prizes and awards

Phi Beta Kappa (Oberlin College)
Alfred P. Sloan Scholar, Oberlin College (1966-1970)
Comfort-Starr Award in Sociology-Anthropology, Oberlin College (1970)
Danforth Foundation Graduate Fellow (1971-1975)
Rackham Graduate School Fellowship, University of Michigan (1976)
Aescupalius Award in Recognition of Outstanding Teaching, SBU (1994)
Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Mentoring, SBU (2002)
Excellence in Teaching Award - SOM (1986, 1990, 1992, 1994, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004)
President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2006-2007)
Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2006-2007)
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society (2010)


Books and Edited Volumes:

Les Systemes Locomoteurs chez les Primates. Annales des Science Naturelles, Zoologie, Paris, Volume 5 (2-3):52-180. (edited with F. K. Jouffroy and H. Ishida).

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Published Articles:


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