MCCULLOCH, ERNEST A. / علم الطب / الباحثون

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Haematologist and scientist (27 April 1926 – 20 January 2011)

Former Senior Scientist
Division of Stem Cell and Developmental Biology,
Ontario Cancer Institute (OCI),
Toronto, Canada.

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McCulloch and James Till were the first to prove the existence of stem cells more than 40 years ago while working at the Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto.

Stem cells are able to develop into other kinds of cells or tissue. Scientists are examining adult and embryonic stem cells in hopes of treating different diseases.

They showed that a single kind of bone marrow stem cell could create the three main kinds of blood cells. Their work also explained the effects of treatments for leukemia and other blood cancers.


2005 Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research, with James Till


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