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Professor at the Goodwin Institute for Quaternary Research at the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

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Astronomical Calibration of the Geological Timescale

Research Area : Environmental change and marine geochemistry

Research Interests :
Regular quasi-cyclic changes in the geometry of the Earth orbit give rise to climatic variations that are detectable in the lithology of marine sediments as well as in the oxygen isotopic composition of foraminiferal calcite. We have for many years worked on this from the palaeoclimate standpoint; we learn more about the Earth climate system by examining its response to an identified external forcing. Recently we have also been working on utilizing this cyclicity to calibrate the timescale for the Miocene and Oligocene. The figure shows a part of this work: at the top is an orbital target, followed by magnetic susceptibility records from Ocean Drilling Program Sites 926 and 929 and an oxygen isotope record published by Zachos and colleagues from Site 929.


1995 Crafoord Prize, jointly with Professor Willi Dansgaard, of the University of Copenhagen, "For fundamental work on developing and applying isotope geological analysis methods for the study of climatic variations during the Quaternary period".

Nicholas Shackleton has been honoured for his fundamental analyses of deep-sea sediments for the connection between oxygen isotope variations and climatic variations, which has provided us with a global time scale and a global picture of variations in climate over the past 2.5 million years. He traced more than twenty oscillations between colder and warmer periods during the whole Quaternary period.


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