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Professor, Department of Pure Mathematics, Adelaide University, Australia. Australian Research Council Senior Research Fellow.

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Mathai Varghese is a major contributor in the field of geometric analysis. His research interests are in L2 analysis, index theory and noncommutative geometry. Several mathematical problems that he currently works on originate from physics, for example topological field theories, fractional quantum Hall effect, D-branes in the presence of B-fields and T-duality in string theory in the presence of background B-fields.

His main project is on the applications of noncommutative geometry and index theory to mathematical physics, with particular emphasis on string theory and the fractional quantum Hall effect.


2000 Australian Mathematical Society Medal.

2000-2001 Clay Mathematics Institute Research Scholar and Visiting Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

2006 Senior Research Fellow at the Erwin Schrodinger Institute, Vienna.


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