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Landon T. Clay Professor of Scientific Archaeology, Harvard University.

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His research focuses mainly on archaeometry, the application of methods from the sciences to archaeological problems. Some of the solutions of these problems have included the dating of iron artifacts by the measurement of carbon-14 in iron-carbon alloys, and chromatography to show that Ethiopians smoked marijuana in the thirteenth century.

He has also worked on ascertaining ancient human and animal diets by isotopic analysis of bones and teeth.


1958 – 62 : Robin Shipping Line (Moore-McCormack) Scholarship: awarded to one
South African student per year to attend Yale College
1959 : German Prize, Yale College
1962 : Yale College: Departmental honors in Anthropology; bachelor’s degree
cum laude
1962–64 : Yale Miller Graduate Fellowship
1964–66 : Ford Foundation Foreign Area Fellowship: African studies and
archaeological field work in South Africa
1965 : Augusta Hazard Archaeological Fellowship, Yale University
1980–81 : British Science Research Council: Senior Visiting Fellowship at Oxford
Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art
1983 : Killam Visiting Scholar Award, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1991 : Telemecanique Conservation Award
1991 : University of Rhode Island Distinguished Visiting Scholar
1994 : Royal Society of South Africa: John F.W. Herschel medal for
interdisciplinary research
1998 : Archaeological Institute of America: Pomerance Award for scientific
contributions to archaeology

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