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Moderate exercise improves memory dysfunction caused by type 2 diabetes

Medicine / SCIENCEDAILY - 12 December 2016

Researchers show that moderate exercise may improve hippocampal memory dysfunction caused by type 2 diabetes and that enhanced transport of lactate to neurons may be the underlying mechanism.

Surge in methane emissions threatens efforts to slow climate change

Earth sciences / phys-org - 12 December 2016

Global concentrations of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas and cause of climate change, are now growing faster in the atmosphere than at any other time in the past two decades.

Kangaroo Mother Care helps premature babies thrive 20 years later, study shows

Medicine / medicalxpress - 12 December 2016

Two decades after a group of Colombian parents were shown how to keep their perilously tiny babies warm and nourished through breastfeeding and continuous skin-to-skin contact, a new groundbreaking study finds that as young adults their children continue to benefit from having undergone the technique known as Kangaroo Mother Care.

Defining conservation priorities in tropical and biodiversity rich countries

Earth sciences / SCIENCEDAILY - 01 December 2016

Rich in biodiversity, with a rapidly growing economy, Malaysia exemplifies the tension between conservation and economic development faced by many tropical countries.

Antarctic explorers help make discovery 100 years after their epic adventures

Earth sciences / SCIENCEDAILY - 01 December 2016

Heroes of Antarctic exploration have played a crucial role in research that suggests the area of sea ice around Antarctica has barely changed in size in 100 years. Ice observations recorded in the ships' logbooks of explorers such as the British Captain Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton and the German Erich von Drygalski have been used to compare where the Antarctic ice edge was during the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration (1897--1917) and where satellites show it is todayed to attempt the first ever cross-Antarctic trek.

World of viruses uncovered

Biology / SCIENCEDAILY - 01 December 2016

A pioneering study of invertebrates has discovered 1,445 viruses, including several new families, revealing people have only scratched the surface of the world of viruses.

Gut's microbial community shown to influence host gene expression

Biology / SCIENCEDAILY - 01 December 2016

New research is helping to tease out the mechanics of how the gut microbiome communicates with the cells of its host to switch genes on and off. The upshot of the study, another indictment of the so-called Western diet (high in saturated fats, sugar and red meat), reveals how the metabolites produced by the bacteria in the stomach chemically communicate with cells, including cells far beyond the colon, to dictate gene expression and health in its host.

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