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In the CIRS website, you will find : links towards scientific societies, research institutes, laboratories and universities all over the world wide web; a directory of researchers, sorted by topic ; a selection of scientific awards, journals, reference books, libraries & scientific bookshops. All the major scientific disciplines are covered : life sciences, earth sciences, physics, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, archaeology, anthropology, medicine and technology.

Academic institutions

Physical Chemistry of Paramagnetic Species (EPR-Spectroscopy)

Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies

Centre for Magnetic Resonance

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Researchers and scientists

Archaeology / JOHNS, JEREMY

Director of the Khalili Research Centre; Professor of the Art & Archaeology of the Islamic Mediterranean; Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford, UK.

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Academic and research journals

Applied Mathematics and Optimization / Mathematics

Applied Mathematics and Optimization

Overview :
This journal is devoted to Applied Mathematics in its broadest sense with an emphasis on the analysis and optimization of systems governed by various classes of differential equations, in particular partial differential equations (PDEs) both stochastic and deterministic. Optimization includes mathematical control theory and dynamic games. Techniques of interest encompass calculus of variations, homogenization, weak convergence, numerical approximation, and regularization, along with modern methods of linear and non-linear analysis as pertinent to the study of PDEs and optimization theory. Application areas include physical, chemical, engineering, biological and environmental topics such as: reaction diffusion, mass transport, conservation laws, elasticity, material science, heat transfer, thermodynamics, geophysical, classical fluid mechanics, optimum design, mathematical finance, inverse problems and related pattern recognition, filtering theory, biology with medical applications.

0095-4616 (print version) / 1432-0606 (electronic version)

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Reference books

  • Précis d’Hydrologie marine et continentale, 2ème édition


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