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In the CIRS website, you will find : links towards scientific societies, research institutes, laboratories and universities all over the world wide web; a directory of researchers, sorted by topic ; a selection of scientific awards, journals, reference books, libraries & scientific bookshops. All the major scientific disciplines are covered : life sciences, earth sciences, physics, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, archaeology, anthropology, medicine and technology.

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Mathematical Physics group

Ion Ionescu de la Brad University of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Professor Emeritus, Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry, Division of Atmospheric Chemistry, Mainz, Germany. Dutch chemist who discovered that certain compounds of nitrogen and oxygen break down ozone. Ozone, a form of oxygen in the earth's upper atmosphere, shields the earth from much of the sun's ultraviolet radiation. The ozone-destroying compounds are produced in automobile exhausts and in various industrial processes. Crutzen's work contributed to the realization in the 1970's that the earth's protective ozone layer is threatened by human activity, and the resulting environmental legislation that included laws concerning vehicle emissions.

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Academic and research journals

Analysis Mathematica / Mathematics

Analysis Mathematica

Overview :
Analysis Mathematica is an international quarterly sponsored jointly by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. It is dedicated primarily to problems of classical mathematical analysis, such as the differentiation and integration of functions, measure theory, analytic and harmonic functions, Fourier analysis and orthogonal expansions, approximation of functions and quadrature formulae, function spaces, extremal problems and inequalities, etc. The journal publishes research papers containing new, essential results with complete proofs, and also occasional survey papers prepared on the initiative of the Editorial Board.

0133-3852 (print version) / 1588-273X (electronic version)

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  • Climate Impact Assessment : studies of the Interaction of Climate and Society


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